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Daega Colorpro Co., Ltd.

     Daega Colorpro Co., Ltd. is a leading plastic recycling of injection and blowing based on our professional experience. Our company established in 2000, the manufacture located in Samutsakorn Province. We provide complete plastic recycling products and services, specializing in the reprocessing of PP and HDPE, with advanced equipment, professional engineers and a strict testing system. We strive to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing plastic granules which are recycled from plastic scraps. In order to manufacture the premium quality products, we procure raw material from reliable vendors. Our modern infrastructural facilities has assisted us.
     We are looking for permanent customers not temporary buyers. If you are looking for an honest partner, please contact us. Let's contact not only for business but also for friendship.


     ѷ ഡ ӡѴ (DAEGA COLOURPRO CO.,LTD) ԴԹͻ ..2544  çҹ Ţ 95 .3 . .зẹ .طҤ 74110 ͷҳ 3 СͺԨüԵ 紾ʵԡ ѷ ഡ ӡѴ  ͧѡäúǹѹ СͺªҧӹҭǪҭҹüԵ ෤Ԥ ûСѹسҾ ѺѵشԺ äǺǹüԵ ʹͺԹ繷ҧ㨵١Ңͧѷ 觻Сͺ仴١ҷ㹻еҧ мçҹѷ ഡ ӡѴ ˹ѡ֧سҾͧԵѳ ͺԹҵ˹ ҤԹ ͧâͧ١ ʹ֧㨢ͧ١ þѲѡҾ㹡觢ѹ㹻еҧ աѧüԵ紾ʵԡ 600 ѹ/͹

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سҾ٧ ͺç ҤصԸ Ѳҧͧ

 ҡѪҴԹôѧ м ѧջԸҹ㹡ôԹáԨ (MISSION) ѧ :-

1.  繺ѷԹáԨԵ紾ʵԡŷշشѷ˹
2.  ԵԹ繷Ѻͧ١
3.  㹤سҢͧԵѳкѷ
4.  ҧ蹤边ѡҹ
5.  áԨԭ˹ кѴ÷դسҾ
6.  դѵ١мǢͧ

50/12  Moo.5  T.Bangnumjud , A.Muang samutsakhon , Samutsakhon 74000 Thailand
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