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Daega Colorpro Co., Ltd.

     Daega Colorpro Co., Ltd. is a leading plastic recycling of injection and blowing based on our professional experience. Our company established in 2000, the manufacture located in Samutsakorn Province. We provide complete plastic recycling products and services, specializing in the reprocessing of PP and HDPE, with advanced equipment, professional engineers and a strict testing system. We strive to achieve total customer satisfaction by providing plastic granules which are recycled from plastic scraps. In order to manufacture the premium quality products, we procure raw material from reliable vendors. Our modern infrastructural facilities has assisted us.
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1.  Sorting

     Once the plastic scrap arrives at our factory and is sorted into type, grade color and quality. We focus very carefully about coloring specially for Clear/Transparent color material.  This is very important.

2.  Shreding Process

     Only if the Plastic scrap comes in the large pieces, we shred them into smaller pieces using our High Capacity Shredder Machine.  And we separate color especially clear and white color.

3.  Re-Grinding

     With our various range of Plastic Crusher Machines, it is a must for us as we are able to Re-Grind all sizes of plastic from small runners to large Gallon.

4. Re-Processing ( Pelletising)

     After the Re-Grinding process, we separate kind of the plastic in specific machine. And we can Re-Processing (Palletize) the material to become small Pellet and perfectly ready to be used as Raw Material.

5.Packing and Quality Control

     Normal packing size that we do it 25KG/Bag. However, we can customize packing according to customer requirement weight and shipping mark. Each Packing unit are stored in closed place where we can protect from Humidity

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